Quotes from Yago’s diary.

Art is like a flower

Art is love and passion

Art is my true love, beyond life

As in a flat stretch of water, sincere art is the stone that plunges in the middle

A work is art when it has a meaning in the context and in the circumstances in which it is located

Being a baby means coming back home safe and sound

Do you know why we hated each other? Because we could not bear the idea that one day we would get old and we would not have liked each other physically. Which was a great loss to be young. But not for being old

Everyone expects an explanation to feel safe, but there are no explanations for the infinite

Fools are like shipwrecked in a foreign land, only looking for someone who can talk to them to find their way home

Gravity unconsciously forces us to give a kind of balance but our soul needs continuous imbalances to stay alive

I always dig to the bottom to find the colour

I can’t fully express my pure thought

I constantly look for signs in the continuous and endless search of that being that is life

I have a brush that guides me: sometimes it destroys me, sometimes it makes me happy

I have to be able to think and paint at the same time, without the filter of my reasoning

Indifference creates the desert of souls that surrounds us

what we are is never our fault, until we realize it!

Letter from a man to another man. I don’t know why I hate you. I looked at your face, but I don’t know why I hate you. I hate you! You are not different from me, but I don’t know why I hate you. You have red blood, but I don’t know why I hate you. They told me to hate you even more. And I hated you. But I was a kid… and I understood! that for all the time I have been hating you, I hated myself

Life always finds a way to continue being life. This is the true act of poetry

Man exists as long as he changes

Poetry of the dawn: be what you are, I am what I want to be: dance on the skulls, dance with your thoughts

The future is like a ghost. Always lurking and bound to give satisfaction and torment!

The greatest deception of evil is to make man believe he can't think

Line is a concept, not a proven fact

The only thing you can ask to art is to show itself

They believe that controlling everything makes us safer. It's the uncertainty that makes us alive

True colour is inside us

We are part of the matter, part of the reality

Woman, remind us of what it means to be and to love

You can’t be honest with those you love