Italian, he lived in Puglia, an amazing and sunny region in the south-east of Italy: the perfect place for a young artist.
Visionary, his artworks pose a series of open-ended questions which compel the viewer to delve into deeper meaning.
Painter, art was his only love, at the point that he spent his last years thinking, drawing and painting in his studio.

Agostino Iannone (Yago) was born in Teramo (Abruzzo), Central of Italy, in 1970.
He lived there until he was 15, then moved to Foggia (Puglia), in the South-East of Italy, with his family: father, mother and two younger sisters.
In Puglia, he began the artistic activity: drawing and painting.
From the mid-90s his artistic production became gradually more intense.
In 2000 he started to take part in national contests and exhibitions.
In 2001 he graduated with a degree in Fine Arts.
In 2002, in Rome, he organized his first solo exhibition in the inspiring setting of the former convent Le Cappellette di San Luigi in the historic centre of the city.
In 2003 Yago took his life, leaving behind artworks that contain his vision and questions: each one can give his personal answer.

The video in home page (The meaning of a life) represents his human journey.

Foto Yago mod